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How do I upgrade my membership type?

Step 1

Login to your SportLoMo account with your email address and password

Step 2

Choose your club from the drop down menu

Step 3

When you’ve selected your club, click on the “i” icon 

Step 4

Scroll down to “Members”, Click arrow icon underneath “Actions”

Step 5

Select the membership category you wish to add on (Upgrade) to your membership.

Step 6 

If your new upgraded membership is lower in price than your initial membership, then there will be no added charge, we incorporate “pay highest only” into the system.

Step 7

In your Sportlomo account you can now view the upgrade on you membership.

Step 8 

When the upgrade is completed you will receive a receipt outlining any charges you incurred and what membership you’re now subscribed to.

Description: Upgrade step 8