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Rugby Canada Membership Definitions

Definitions of Athlete Memberships

Senior Rugby Player: any athlete participating in senior level competition and/or training
Junior Rugby Player: any athlete participating in junior level competition and/or training
Minor Rugby Player: any athlete participating in minor level competition and/or training. Please refer to the Rugby Canada Age Grade Variations for Club Rugby documentation for clarification on type of rugby to be played at each age.
Age Grade Variations
U13: Contact
U11: Transition to Contact U9:  Non-Contact
Masters Rugby Player: any athlete participating in master level competition and/or training (over the age of 35 as of January 1 of the current year).
Recreational League Player: any senior, junior or masters athlete participating in touch or flag competition and/or training – participant must upgrade membership accordingly if playing in contact competition.
Collegiate Rugby Player: any collegiate athlete (College, University, CEGEP) participating in provincially approved contact competition or training – valid from September 1 to November 30 of each year (Excluding BC Rugby).
Offseason Training: any athlete participating in non-contact training from January 1 to April 30 (excluding BC) and June 1 to August 31 (BC Only) of each year (does not cover simulation games or exhibition games).
Temporary Athlete Membership: any athlete participating in any level of rugby for 15
days or less (Limit: 1 per person). Participant must upgrade membership accordingly if playing in any competition after the 15-day window has expired.

Definitions of Management Memberships

Rugby Coach: any individual facilitating or delivering rugby (practice or game) and/or fitness.
Team Manager or Administrator: any individual who has been assigned to a club/team for the purpose of facilitating administrative duties (i.e. registration, logistics, roster / game sheets, equipment, etc.) and not the facilitation or coaching of rugby and/or fitness. If at such time the individual engages into coaching roles he or she must register with Rugby Canada as a coach.
Match Official: any individual refereeing any level of rugby regardless of age or level of competition
Medical Staff: any person who field accredited or enrolled in academic training in athletic therapy or physiotherapy physiotherapists
Board Member: any individual who has any of the following roles within their club: President (or Chair), Vice-president (or Vice-chair), Secretary, Treasurer, executive director or director at large
IMPORTANT: All Board members within clubs must be registered; a complete list of Board members must be submitted to the Provincial Union. This fee is per club and not per individual.  If  all  board  members  are  registered  in  another  category,  then D&O insurance will be no charge; please send proof of registrations to your Provincial Union.
Volunteer: any of the following individuals aiding in club activities: field / pitch support staff (grass cutters, maintenance staff), game day parking volunteers, event volunteers, mini-Festival Volunteers