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London St George

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girls 13-16 years old particpating in our lets play project.

Non-contact options for All junior and senior members.This covers Thursday night touch, and indoor winter sessions

open to all players born between 2019-2012. Contact option for U12 - 2012/2013 birth years only. Practices are Friday Evenings

Kinds born between 2006-2011.Please make sure you select the appropriate age group for registration.

For all members of our senior teams. Born 2005 and earlier.

For club members only registering for a couple weeks. Valid for 2 weeks only **only 1 temp registrstion allowed a season** after that you must upgrade to a full membership.

Referee registration

All coaches must select this

For all members of the 2024 executive team

For our team medical staff

For our club members who need to register for more than 1 category. Please only select to ones that belong to you

For kids joining LSG already registered with another club