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For those club members who need to register in more than one category. ex. player & coach, coach & referee

Non-Contact options for kids born between 2011-2018. We offer contact options for kids born in 2011/2012.

kids born between 2005-2010.both contact and non-contact options available

for those senior athletes who will be playing touch rugby only. this includes winter indoor stuff. can not be used for contact games

athletes born in or before 2004 and are doing contact rugby in 2023.

One who will not be playing any rugby at all but wants to be a member.

for people looking to register on a temporary membership for the 2023 season.

all individuals who are a coach of a team

For those junior athletes joining LSG for fall 7s.Select the 2 week option to begin training....upgrade to a full membership available after September 1st