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Year of Birth 2018-2020

Birth Year (2016/2017)

Birth Year (2014/2015)

Birth Year (2012/2013)

Birth Year 2010-2011

Birth Year 2008-2009. (U16 Boys Registration)

Birth Year 2008-2009. U16 Girls Registration

Birth Year 2006-2007. U18 Boys Registration

Birth Year 2006-2007. U18 Girls Registration

birth Year 2005 & earlierPlease use this registration for new players to club rugby

Birth Year 2005 & Earlier for returning players

Birth Year 2005 & Earlier. Must be registered to a Univ or College Sept 2024 (Full Year)New Player registration

Born 2005 & earlier. Must be registered to Univ or College in Sept 2024. Returning player who does not require replacement kit

Born 2005 & earlier. New player to Club Rugby

Born 2005 & earlier. Returning player

Use this registration if you registering for multiple categories

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