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New player to club or high school aged player registering in senior age grade.

Temporary (2 week) insurance for senior competition.

Registration for Enfield RFC Board members.

Coach of an Enfield RFC program.

Junior Rugby program for high school aged players (15-18). Includes Rugby Canada registration for full 2024 season (until May 1, 2025). Can also practice with senior program. Ages 16-18 can upgrade to Senior Player and compete in the Senior League.

Rugby program for youth aged 12-14, coaching the introduction to contact as well as other rugby skills. Competition expected with other club programs. Includes Rugby Canada registration for full 2024 season (until May 1, 2025).

Match Official affiliated with Enfield RFC.

Returning Senior Player to club, registering for senior competition over the 2024-25 season.

Senior Player returning to the club for 2024-25 season and is a student in university or college.

Player wanting membership to engage in non-contact activities during season and off-season.

Become a social member of Enfield RFC! Support the club and become

There for the party social member. Thanks for being a friend and supporting Enfield RFC!

Socialite - SUPER social member! Thanks for supporting the club, being a friend of Enfield RFC and making us cooler.

A high school aged player who is upgrading their registration to Senior Player to compete in the senior league.

Non-contact summer rugby program for ages 3 to 11.