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Please use this membership if you have a multi-role in the club. For example you maybe a player and a coach or a player and a board member. You will pay the highest insurance coverage for your multiple memberships and save on admin fees as well. PLAYER AND COACH or PLAYER AND REFREE or PLAYER AND COACH AND BOARD MEMBER.. there is a multi-option this way to help save $$ on the fees.

For use if you are registering ONLY as a coach and not as a player.

All members of the board must fill this out.

This is the registration link for the Referee membership ONLY. If you are a player..please select your playing membership 1st and you will be given the option to choose Match official alongsid your playing membership.

What is a social membership: a great way to help out with club expenses and you are also then a member that gets voting rights at the AGM and One free drink on druids day !

You may only purchase ONE of these passes in a season. You can select your start date with this membership.

For men born 2000 or earlier

For women born 2000 or earlier

This membership is for 3rd Division only as you will not qualify for any other men's division. So if you want to play all 3 DIVISIONS.. please select the SR MENS TAB.

U17 Minor rugby membership born 2003 & 2004