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Casula Lakers Baseball Club

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DOB Range: Aug 2017- Sep 2014

DOB Range: Aug 2015 - Sep 2012

DOB Range: Aug 2013 - Sep 2011

DOB Range: Aug 2012- Sep 2009

DOB Range Aug 2012- Sep 2008

DOB Range: Aug 2010-Sep 2007

For Junior players wishing to play Senior league as well.

DOB Range: Aug 2008- Sep 2004

For Senior league player who wish to play Seniors (must have turned 15 years old)

Open Age (Youngest Age to Register is 15)

For Saturday Seniors wishing to play O35s

Over 35's competition

Anyone who helps out at the club in any capacity needs to register here. WWCC# is also required. (only add the digits, no letters)