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Campbelltown Caspers Baseball Club

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DOB 1/9/13-31/8/14 Eligible for Aussie Teeball or Teeball

DOB 1/9/12-31/8/13 Eligible for Teeball only

DOB 1/9/11-31/8/12 Eligible for Teeball or Zooka

DOB 1/9/10-31/8/11 Eligible for Zooka, LL Minors and LL Majors

DOB 1/9/09-31/8/10 Eligible for LL Minors or LL Majors

DOB 1/9/08-31/8/09 Eligible for LL Minors, LL Majors or Intermediate League

DOB 1/9/07-31/8/08 Eligible for LL Majors, Intermediate League or Junior League